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Kent Jensen and Idumea: Music

Despair in the Shadows

(Music Kent Jensen Lyrics Kent Jensen)
I see her silhouette in the glow of the candlelight
Singing an old refrain
Her body swaying to the rhythm of the night
Touching her lover’s heart
Her arms are empty as they reach to hold him tight
Her heart longs for his love, and yet he is not there
Despair in the shadows

She dances with a man who is not there
An imaginary face
A heavy heart has not dimmed passion’s fire
As she longs to kiss his lips
She turns her head to hear a whispered word
There is no voice, only a tear upon her cheek
Despair in the shadows

Her beauty could not still the raging heart
A lover’s touch would not bind his soul
She offered her heart, a gift so tender and true
To have it rejected and torn in two
Now the moonlight shines upon her loneliness
Heaven’s spotlight for a heart betrayed
Despair in the shadows