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Kent Jensen and Idumea: Music

Little Boy Blue

(Kent Jensen and Idumea)
Lyrics and music by Kent Jensen
Little Boy Blue

Little boy blue,
Can you come out to play
Little boy blue
You’ve gone so far away

The sheep in the meadow
The cows in the corn
Little boy blue come blow on your horn

Little boy blue
Can you come out to play
Little boy blue
I need you today

I hear your laughter
As you chase a butterfly
I see you jumping
To catch a cloud in the sky

Silly little madeup songs
That you would sing
Your smile was a simple melody
As soft as birds on the wing

The kite string is limp now
Although the wind still blows
Wounded toy soldiers
Chilled by winter snows

The devil is time
As he drags us apart
There is no return
Only fading memories and a broken heart