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Kent Jensen and Idumea: Music

And It Burns

(Kent Jensen)
April 1, 2014
Music and lyrics by Kent Jensen
Her skin was a dusky hue
On that starlit night
I saw her standing there
In the candlelight
She beckoned to me
As she called my name
And the flicker of my passion
Turned into a flame

And it burns
Yea it burns
It burns so deep
But it never, ever, ever consumes

When I looked into her eyes
It was plain to see
For my tortured heart
She was the perfect remedy
She put me back together
With a fiery embrace
Then she purified my soul
With her saving grace

Some say its hot for the sinners below
Preacher just sayin’ it, don’t make it so
I ain’t no sinner but I’m not with the saints
But there’s holy communion
in the burning desire
Where the embers smoulder ‘til the flames reach higher and higher