More Censorship from the Trump Admininistration

This really pisses me off.I guess George Orwell was just a few years off, so here we go with censorship and wordspeak. So now the CDC can't say transgender, fetus, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, and the frosting on the cake, evidence-based and science-based. Of course, I'm sure faith based is now the go to scientific term. Perhaps we can go back to explaining disease through spontaneous generation, throwing witches into the water to see if they float and acknowledge that the sun revolves around the earth. A word to the wise, ever wonder where algebra and algorithms came from? Or why so many stars have arabic names? How the European Renaissance got started? They exist because of Islam's golden age of learning where astronomy, medicine, mathematics, and preservation, as well as study of the writings of Greek philosophers, was considered essential to the progress of man. Why did it stop? Because Imams decided it was contrary to God's will. Now I don't care what you believe, but belief cannot take the place of scientific inquiry. You see nature is not cruel, it is indifferent and disease does not care what god you worship.So if you want to ignore the realities of our world be my guest, however, willful ignorance is a crime against humanity, and when the next health crisis comes it will not discriminate between believers and nonbelievers.

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