Years of musical training on piano, voice and guitar led to a lifetime love affair with music. However, Kent pursued a career as a lawyer, attaining degrees in History and Spanish coupled with his Juris Doctor, with music providing a backdrop as a fulfulling avocation. Along with these life experiences, Kent added another, extensive travel throughout Mexico and Central America through the years, thus providing Kent with a compete emersion in Latin American culture. Consequently, the focus of Kent’s music moved from Americana to expanded experimentation with latin and world rhythms. Embracing a fusion of cultures, Kent has adopted Latin American culture as his own thus infusing its traditions into this harmonic blend. The result is an insightful mix of rock, latin, and folk musical genres. With a heavy emphasis on latin rhythms the music cannot be ignored and thoughtful lyrics stir the soul. The music is fueled by a love for classical guitar, synthesizers, and latin beats. The result is an eclectic blend of latin, folk and world sounds. A unique sound that is generated by an innovative combination of guitar and synthesizers. Synthesizers supply the foundation with a solid base of rhythm and sound, with the guitar masterfully providing melody and support for Kent Jensen’s vocals. It is a superb marriage of technology and talent for an unrivaled sound. Kent was the driving force behind a group called Idumea, but now he embarking on a solo effort. Dreams, Kent’s latest release, is a combination of Kent’s unique sound with original works and innovative arrangements of classical standards, such as Bach’s Bouree. Kent’s material has appeared on the CD compilation for the December 2006, June, and November/December 2007 issues of Global Rhythm Magazine. This has been a great honor as it has allowed Kent to share the spotlight with such artists as Tina Turner, Thomas Mapfumo, and Manu Chao. Idumea’s album Lies, Deception, Innuendo was given a Grindy Award by RadioIndy. A new piece “Dreams” will be on the soundtrack for the movie “Noccalula” scheduled for a future release.