Idumea's “Little Boy Blue” is ideal mood Latin music with complementing styles of rock, folk, and well balanced with a fusion of styles. Delicate and tender, the vocals are delivered with relaxed ease while the moving lyrics have a story to tell. Distinctive Latin rhythms splashed with calming melodies flow from song to song. The titled track “Little Boy Blue” is a folk song arranged with the tone of a nursery rhyme featuring sweet and thoughtful lyrics while layered with acoustic guitar and subtle soft strings. The alluring guitar showcases Latin fusion influences in “Danza Del Sol” with subdued synth sounds and rich and solid percussion. This group has developed an album filled with an assortment of arrangements alternating from track to track which gives the listener a pleasurable and unique musical experience. “Little Boy Blue” is an exquisite, relaxing production with the ambiance of Latin flair and hints of folk and rock styles.” - Diane

— RadioIndy

RadioIndy is pleased to present Idumea with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Little Boy Blue”

— Radioindy

Kent Jensen's ethno-ambient group Idumea lays down a liquefied mix of rock and Latin folk influences, with a distinctive taste for modern synth textures that ripple with European flavors but also smack liberally of the band's Costa Rican heritage.”

— Global Rhythm

This piece starts out gentle, with Kent Jensen's flamenco-esque acoustic guitar and keyboards balanced by Ana Boyd's almost operatic vocals, but it soon becomes substantially more impassioned, with drums and other percussion bringing it to a climax. Surprisingly emotional rock-flamenco fusion.”

— Global Rhythm Magazine

About firstfriday Thank you for a HUGE Show for August!!!! Kent Jensen from Idaho, Mehrey, Valentine and Sou'ld Out rocked downtown Las Vegas like never before!!!!”

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earBuzz Review: Idumea's CD, "El Peligro de la Verdad", is a blend of spanish, pop, flamenco, and ambient supporting vocals ala cirque de soleil. Instrumentation varies from violin lines to disco-based drum subtle grooves, from nylon guitar lines to soprano vocal flavors. The title track, which opens the record, includes a plethora of instruments as described, including keyboard beds and perpetual high hat on the 'ands'. The drums drift a bit ahead of the beat and drives a listener preoccupation with forward movement. Vocally the song combines the best that Idumea has to offer, the vocalists Kent Jensen's and Ana Boyd's tone and timbre blend beautifully as guitar lines pan left, right, and center. Track 2, "Mi Guitarra", is a pleasant showcase for Boyd gentle soothing vibrato - clearly a classically trained talent. Track 5, "Despair in the Shadows", sends some boss-a-nova castanets our way with envelope moving cry-baby rhythm electric guitar fills. Belled keyboards and flamenco guitar strumming support clean riffs from Jensen's jazz-thick guitar. Track 9, "Adelita", presents Jensen's voice in the spotlight. His own vibrato in his airy tenor on the track matches Boyd's by comparison in what could only be a match made in vocal heaven. Their voices are as compatible as any we've heard. The 10th track, "Cuidado Cuidado", begins with solo classical guitar and quickly moves into a more upbeat flamenco salsa groove. Overall, the production is home-made solid, performances inspired, and artistry sincere. We look forward to more.”

— earBuzz

Look for us on the Global Rythm cd for the December issue.”

— Global Rhythm Magazine